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Olivia Callaghan
Health Coach

A complete mind & body approach long-term health and well-being.

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What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor who guides clients on a journey to find out what makes them feel the strongest, happiest and most balanced version of themselves.

Through a one to one coaching plan designed to implement small, incremental lifestyle changes, a Health coach is an effective tool in guiding healthy, long-lasting change.

Olivia believes that the process of coaching needs to be tailored to each individual based on their specific needs. Every plan will be fitted to accommodate and work around different lifestyles and previous habits.

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Offering Options

Discovery call 



Six-Week Coaching Plan


Health Coaching Deep Dive



Three-Month Coaching Plan


Top-Up Deep Dive Session



Six Month Coaching Plan


Please enquire for Coaching Plan pricing and availability.

Client Testimonials

"Olivia’s health coach sessions are not only the best support that I could have wished for regarding my own mental and physical health, but they also give me strength, guidance and clarity on a daily basis . Her professionality and kindness guides me to improve myself everyday, advising me with the best and newest wellness activities, apps and strategies to improve my life. What I love most about her is the summaries that I receive after every session. They give me time to fully understand what my problems are, how to react to them and discover new and weekly suggestions on how to keep track of them and monitor my overall well being. I would recommend her sessions to anyone!

~ Sveva, 25, Milan ~