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£10 Gift Guide

Everything on this list sits within a 5-10£ price range. I hope you find some gems!

Because I know that many of you are candle or incense lovers it was a no brainer to include some matches in a pretty box. These are from an independent, British brand and incredibly chic to have on your coffee table.

Again for the candle lovers, this small, British brand launched a mini Christmas candle and I smelt it at a fair before falling in Love. Sweet in the right amounts and very festive.

Who doesn't love a new mug?! Anthropologie always have great home-wear and this new collection of colourful mugs does not differ.

Everyones bathroom looks better with a big bottle of opulent smelling hand-wash. This independent British brand has got it right.

My laptop can get really grubby and I consider myself a clean person... this handy little cleaning brush gets in all the nooks and crannies and makes your keyboard look good as new!

You can never have too many notebooks. I would say these are a great stocking filler but I guess I love stationary of any sort. If you know someone wanting to get into journalling, this would be a good start. They come with an elastic binder to keep it closed and an elastic pen holder so that you're always good to go.

Whether you're a bendy person and need some assistance to get deep into a stretch or aren't bendy in the slightest and need help staying as far as you can go, this lulu lemon stretch strap is perfect. I have had mine for 10 years and it still looks good as new. It comes in a few colours!

Winter often means central heating and therefore dry skin. Your hands get extra dry when you wash them a lot, too. This OPI cuticle oil comes in a tube with a brush on the end for easy application and my nails have never looked healthier since coming across it.

This cult product also has a lip balm. We all know someone who always has dry lips ;)

Choose any colour for these elegant candles and immediately upgrade a tablescape.

I got one of these for myself and my siblings a few years ago and loved reading up on each of our signs. So precise and so fun to read in a group, plus they look great on a bookshelf!

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