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10 things on my mind round-up

Every month in the round-up newsletter that my email subscribers receive, I add a '10 things on my mind this month' section. The thoughts included are not all health & wellness related and are a mix of serious and silly.

This section of my newsletter also happens to always get the most attention... so I thought I would repurpose the content and bring it to you here if you are not an email subscriber (yet).

Happy scrolling!

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women worldwide and too many people don’t know about it. 2. When you live from your heart rather than your ego, you shine light everywhere you go. 3. The best vegetables all seem to be high in FODMAP. 4. I’m 29 tomorrow and not quite sure how I feel about it. 5. All parents should know their child’s Human Design. 6. Travel seems to finally be coming back. 7. Cantaloupe Melon is the best thing that was ever created. 8. We need to talk about preventing illnesses more rather than the focus always being on curing them once they have developed. 9. Iced tea is a great way to cool down and reap the benefits from its herbs and spices simultaneously. 10. Chronic inflammation and its long-term effects are not talked about enough.

10 Things on my Mind :

1. People have forgotten how to travel. 2. Dry heat is so much more conducive to getting things done than humid heat. 3. We should all know how to stimulate our Vagus Nerve for a quick and efficient de-stress technique. 4. It is important to be aware of the chemicals in our bathroom products and swap for cleaner options where possible. 5. There are few negatives to taking Vitamin C & Magnesium supplements (other than the price). 6. Epsom salt baths, Colonics, Saunas, Vegetable Juices, Vitamin C and Sprouting are the most efficient ways to 'detox' the body (think heavy metals, environmental chemicals etc.) 7. There is nothing better than a fresh notebook. 8. Lymphatic Drainage doesn't just feel good at the time of massage but makes you feel great afterwards too. 9. It is really hard to switch off completely when you have your own business. 10. Having an Instagram cleanse and unfollowing people who make you feel bad in any way is totally necessary and we should do this more often.

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Too many candles on the market are full of toxic chemicals. Do your research and find one that isn't. No one should be burning harm into their homes. 2. The in-season produce that gets harvested over the next few months really is the best. (butternut, pumpkin, figs, apples, sweet potato, sprouts, chestnuts etc.) 3. A hot bath is my one way ticket to feeling better. 4. Even old friendships have to be nurtured and worked on. Don't take them for granted. 5. London feels 'back'. 6. Summer is exhausting. 7. Coat hangers are highly overpriced. 8. Driving is so meditative (I guess you have no choice but to focus on that one thing... especially in London traffic). 9. Social media is arguably the worst thing that happened to teenage girls. 10. We are stronger than we think.

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Is everything getting more expensive or is it just me? 2. My eyebrows and cuticles grow so quickly its a real pain in the a** 3. School Sex Ed really needs to be revisited and upgraded. 4. Cool tablecloths are hard to find. 5. Reflexology is one of the best things ever invented. 6. I miss my sister :( 7. It is hard to not become friends with my coaching clients. They are all so great and I am so lucky to work with them on a weekly basis. 8. I have too many notebooks but I actually use them all for different things... does that make it acceptable? 9. Someone needs to find a solution to the post office experience. 10. Why does every street in London have roadworks right now?

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Mountain air is THE best medicine and mood booster. 2. Meat free, alcohol free Christmas was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. 3. A new attitude gets you further than a new resolution. 4. Postmen and Delivery drivers deserve a massive round of applause in December (and every month, but the number of parcels being shipped around is madness just before the holidays). 5. The flu is not a joke. 6. There is nothing good on Netflix at the moment. 7. People are becoming less and less adaptable and open to change. 8. There was a lot of positive in 2021, despite Corona sticking around. 9. I sleep better when I think of something positive from the day before I close my eyes (and leave my phone outside my room). 10. Finally people are realising that they need to invest in their physical and mental health BEFORE they hit rock bottom.

10 Things on my Mind:

1. January can be a really tough month. 2. Air purifiers are pretty needed in a city like London. Air quality gets worse by the year. 3. There is nothing better than having fresh flowers in your home. 4. Builders genuinely don't care about you or your house. They do the bare minimum so that they can just tick it off the list. 5. New coffee shops on every corner. I don't hate it, though. 6. I might get back into this manifesting thing. Vision boards are actually incredibly therapeutic to put together. 7. Anxiety can just wham, bam smack you in the face with no warning. 8. I challenged myself not to buy anything in January (except food, drink and birthday gifts). Shall I do it for Feb too? 9. I am so happy that masks are becoming a thing of the past. 10. There is a lot of puke on London streets these days. Are more people getting black-out drunk or is being sick a Covid symptom I didn't know about?

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Mental health (and all health) begins in the gut. 2. A combination of Holistic/Functional medicine and Western medicine is incredibly powerful. 3. Processed foods are the enemy. 4. Rising with the sun has amazing health benefits. I am aware that it's hard to wake up that early every day, though. 5. The key to long-term weight loss has a lot to do with mindset. 6. Coffee affects everyone differently. You might have to accept that its no longer your drink.. (Oh hey anxiety and heart palpitations). 7. Someone tried to charge me £11.36 for a small melon yesterday. Mind still blown. 8. Gel/Shellac is so bad for your nail health and can take months to recover from. 9. You don't want to run away from your problems but nor do you want them to prevent you from living life by giving them too much focus. There is a sweet spot that means acknowledging them and letting them sit, before coming to terms with them and moving on swiftly. 10. Everything in the body is connected and there is nothing you can do about it.

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Supplements can be a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet for optimal living and longevity.

2. Feeling like you’re in a bit of a funk can be amazing for motivation or the desire to ‘bust out’ and resume life as normal. It gets you going.

3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

4. We forget to live in our progress and short-term achievements before moving onto the next improvement we can make. We need to be more aware of being grateful for who we are before everything is ‘perfected’.

5. Would you prefer to be paid more or have total flexibility over where and when you work?

6. Aeroplanes need to lower their AC.

7. We need a lot less food to function than we think.

8. Nearly all of us are fibre deficient and we need to change this by raising awareness of the benefits of eating enough fibre and how easy it is to include in our diets.

9. The process of being pre-natal ready happens way before you want to conceive (and is just as important for men as women).

10. The UK needs a wider variety of flavoured sparkling water and for it to cost less. Why is this stuff so much better in the States?

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Being vulnerable is sometimes all it takes. 2. Food can be medicine but we need to learn which foods heal and which ones don't from a younger age. 3. It can be as detrimental making decisions from a place of high, excited emotions as low, bluesy ones. Find emotional balance before you make decisions that matter. 4. Laughing is so good for the soul. Even if its at cute animal videos on youtube - get laughing! 5. Do I love strawberries so much because I only eat them 1-2 months of the year or because they are actually amazing? 6. Americans are friendlier. There... I said it. 7. Be yourself and life is better to you. 8. This new custom of restaurants putting calories per dish on a menu is the worst idea ever. If you want to calorie count, use your phone to work it out. 9. We are taught to emotional eat when we are children. 10. It's ice-cream season!!

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Everything feels expensive at the moment. 2. Just do it. 3. Good music is vital if you want to take up running. 4. Friendships require effort from both sides. 5. Not drinking enough water can make you look 10 years older. 6. Oat milk is not a healthier alternative. 7. London is one of the most convenient places on the planet. 8. Who has better service stations out of France, Spain and the UK? 9. The greatest gut goal to have is to go the loo naturally every morning (before a coffee, and yes to do a number 2). 10. Get your legs up the wall!

10 Things on my Mind:

1. Salt water is a great healer. 2. We need to stop being so harsh on ourselves for the way we look. You generally look better now that you will in 10 years time so enjoy it and stop thinking about how much better you might have looked 10 years ago. 3. Rest is often all it takes to feel better. If you have to, schedule it. 4. There is so much fantastic, free help and information online. Find a good source and then dive in! 5. Instagram is losing touch and becoming a TikTok try hard. Boring. 6. Air con and a good night sleep or bad night sleep and no cough? 7. I've reduced my screen time but I really need to get it down further. How are you doing on that front? 8. There is so much to celebrate! 9. Everyone looks healthier when they've caught the sun. 10. Wedding planning... where to start?!

10 Things on my Mind:

1. The month of August is so nostalgia inducing for me. So are family trips. 2. Why are we taught so little about hormones at school. 3. How do Apple Laptops still die exactly 4 years from the date of purchase. 4. Wedding planning is fun. Ish. Sometimes. 5. How do we teach people to avoid taking antibiotics if not absolutely necessary? 6. I had really missed London coffee shops. 7. Lets normalise taking time and doing whatever it takes to start the day in the best possible way. If you're 20 mins late for work but you're going to be in a great mood and get more done, who cares?! 8. Some people just need more sleep than others. Own it. 9. Your skin doesn't like change. If a product works, don't experiment with others just because. It thrives off consistency. 10. A change of scene can do wonders for motivation and inspiration.

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