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£100+ Gift Guide

An investment for sure, but one that is definitely worth it in my opinion. Until this, I could never 'do' my hair myself but this makes it so easy. I also use it as a hair dryer and find it to be plenty strong enough although they advertise using a separate one for speed. If you have very long hair, there is an extended version for curling!

Bring nature indoors and grow your own herbs and spices with this indoor garden perfect for apartment living with no outside space. Buy the different starter seeds depending on what you'd like to grow and watch your little patch blossom!

Smart Garden - £199

Designed by Japanese tableware brand Kinto, this elegant coffee brewer stand set is a versatile piece with a traditional yet modern look to it. Great for a coffee or tea lover who likes to brew their own cuppa.

Shaped like a pebble to be placed on your chest, this meditation device uses the natural power of infrasonic resonance to calm your body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief from stress & anxiety while improving sleep.

Another pair of shoes I am loving right now (or slippers). I never thought I'd be a Birkenstock convert but they are so cosy and comfy I can't take them off. The fur means they are more suited to somewhere with colder winters as they might get a bit sweaty in the heat.

Birkenstocks - £130

I finally made gift vouchers available on my website so that you can gift one to a friend, family member or loved one. To be used for a one-off, 90-minute session with me or to be put towards a longer 6 or 12 week plan. A perfect way to start the year :).

These Hyperice Dynamic Air Compression Leg Massager Boots help with recovery or

relaxation and definitely help to reduce water retention and visible inflammation. Use them in front of the TV or on your bed. Normatec Boots - £669

This is the best water filter out there. If your other half is into health and well-being, this will be a highly appreciated gift. It looks sleek on the counter despite being large, and doesn't strip your water of beneficial minerals while still removing the cr**.

I love so much from this brand and have my eye on these as a potential expansion to my collection of busts and butts. They are a great conversation starter and look great however you choose to use them! Perfect for someone whose moved into a new home or just loves to decorate their space with nice things.

The famous Theragun finally got a face version. It plumps, tones and makes glow.

Small enough to travel with as consistency is key. Worth a try if you're against botox.

Warm, versatile and well made. Camel goes with everything and this long, tailored coat looks good styled in so many ways. An investment but also a forever coat that won't go out of style.

I haven't taken these off since I got them and love the 'suede' look of the type of leather used. They look cool, are comfy and do the job. Love.

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