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£100 Gift Guide

£100 and under... enjoy!!

These books are everywhere and I still think they are fabulous. The vibrant covers and funky lettering make them great interior decoration pieces but when you actually open them up, the photos and illustrations are beautiful and perfectly curated, too.

A statement serving dish with a timeless design. Pink and Green are the ultimate colour combo and this plate is gorgeous. I can imagine using it for so many dishes or dessert platters.

Tatiana's prints are her main gig, but she recently launched a ceramic homeware collection and these canisters are to die for. I also love the butter dish!

Simple, chic and incredibly warm. Need I say more?

People are putting so much more attention towards making a table look pretty and I love the detail of colourful napkins to make it all come to life. Mrs. Alice has countless beautiful options to choose from but I think these baby blue and white linen ones are timeless.

I have these in pink too and they are the best (and most aesthetically pleasing) glasses ever. No chips, the perfect size and they offer wine glasses in the same colour, too. Designed by Soho House.

This is a forever gift and provides hours of fun. So chic to take on holiday in their smart box.

I have this makeup case and love it so much. You used to be able to add your initials but think they stopped that service (not confirmed). It fits everything you could need and being transparent means you can see clearly what you have and where it is unlike many other makeup bags. Good to go in the washing machine so it stays looking nice and new.

Jenga but make it adult! This iridescent set of blocks is so cool. I love it! Family games night or as the dare/ drinking game so many use it for, I can see this being used a lot.

It's just a great yoga mat. Easy to clean, fun colours and feels luxury. I have had mine for years and if cleaned regularly, it lasts in pristine condition.

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