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£20 Gift Guide

This particular list has become quite beauty / book orientated without that being a conscious decision. If you don't pick one of these items for someone else, make sure to choose one for you and treat yourself these upcoming holidays... you won't regret it ;)

You've seen me post it on my Instagram and I'm a big fan. This bottle never seems to run out and it's the best sleep spray

I've used to date. You won't be able to keep your eyes open! A calming pillow mist that actually does the job and makes you feel calm before sleep.

Even if you have a favourite full size cleanser, this mini one is perfect for the next time you pack. Its frothy but not too frothy, makes you feel clean but not dry, and is unisex. It has a bunch of pumps and is a great way of trying one of her products without spending an arm and a leg.

A great book that I think everyone should read. Insightful, practical and easy to apply steps that can help you from the moment you close the cover.

Again, a Glossier product but this hard cream not only does what it says but it also makes me really nostalgic for my childhood. I don't know what it is about the packaging but it reminds me of the Groovy Chic products (anyone remember those?) and I love pulling it out of my handbag and flicking the lid up. So satisfying.

You know how much I love Glossier, and find this gentle exfoliating bar great for the body. I don't know about you but I'm lazy about body exfoliation and this does the trick easy peasy. It also looks great on your bathroom shelf.

I have yet to read this but the reviews are great and I've spotted it on the shelves of so many wellness clinics and spas. We can nurture and use our lymph to feel better day-to-day so learning about how it's made up and the ins and outs of the enormous system that takes up house across the body is something I'll be reading about when I buy this book for myself these holidays.

Any reusable cup is a good plan, but a glass one is even better. These Keep cups are perfect for hot or cold drinks and never leak. Lots of sizes and colours to choose from!

This product is a new discovery for me but I haven't put it down since I received it. Nourishing, glossy and not sticky at all is a rarity I find. I don't love the other Summer Fridays products but this one's a winner!

I loved his first book and this 'Home' version just came out. For those that like to hibernate slightly during winter and enjoy making their home space cosy... this is for you. Screams Christmas. Hygge Home Book - £13.50

I use these daily and they still come out of the washing machine bright white after 3-years. Sometimes makeup remover is not necessary if not wearing heavy makeup as these gentle, soft towel pads combined with warm water swipe everything off and nothing more is needed. I rarely buy cotton pads anymore which is also good for the environment.

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