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4 biggest misconceptions of health that could be harming you

The internet is home to masses of wonderful, educational information. However, is also home to fake news that can become very confusing when it comes to our health.

I thought I'd debunk some of the most common myths I hear in my client sessions and give you the reasons why they are possibly doing more harm than good.

Misconception - Intense workout classes are the only way to lose weight.

Truth - HIIT can actually hinder your weight loss efforts because your body may go into fight or flight and produce too much cortisol (the stress hormone) which can lead to weight gain. These tough classes can also make you feel extra hungry and unless you are refuelling yourself properly, snacking and cravings for larger, more carb heavy meals is common. Low intensity exercises which positively help to lower inflammation are effective for weight loss and also have many other health benefits. These include: walking, light jogging, pilates, yoga and swimming.

Misconception -

Intermittent fasting is good for everyone.

Truth - it can contribute to hormonal imbalance and make already present symptoms worse. Intermittent fasting helps with the production of Human Growth Hormone which can help one to lose weight due to its fat burning capabilities or help one look younger because of it's youthful properties. However, it can also increases cortisol levels because the body goes into fight or flight when it is very hungry. Cortisol (which is a vital hormone for waking in the morning in the right amount) is also a stress hormone and can trigger inflammation and gut issues. It also increases sugar in the bloodstream which contributes to hormonal imbalance.

Misconception- Raw veggies are essential for good health.

Truth - not always. If you suffer from digestive problems then raw vegetables like red peppers and kale can be incredibly difficult for the body to break down, naturally. The gut goes into over drive and symptoms such as gas and bloating can sky rocket. Steam, sauté or roast veggies to assist digestion and go easier on the gut. You can also blend them into a smoothie so the breakdown process is done before consuming.

Misconception - You need to do a juice cleanse to detox the boy.

Truth - The body will detox just fine with healthy liver and kidneys. They are the natural detoxifiers of the body. Said juice cleanses can contain a lot of sugar which just spikes your blood sugar levels and does more harm than good. Because of the lack of fibre in the juices, you will be going without essential nutrients that help the kidney and liver to detoxify effectively.

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