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£5 Gift Guide

Perfect for stockings or Secret Santa, everything on this list comes to 5£ or less. Enjoy!!

I know that socks have a bad rep, but there is nothing better than soft socks that wash well and actually last. No holes in the toes, no thinning heel... these come in about 30 colours and I think they are the best out.

Everyone likes to look after themselves and these collagen pouches are perfect for a skin, hair and nail boost.

For someone who travels often or just has a lot of cables, these wire ties are perfect for tidying and sorting by colour or use. 9 come in a pack and you can write on them with a sharpie so that you know which wire is for which appliance. Wire ties - £5

I love electrolytes for an extra boost of hydration and this Phizz tube is great for someone new to the concept. Who doesn't need a little hydration TLC over the Christmas period? (yes, people say they help with a hangover).

If all this does is help you distinguish your pair from every other pair in the house so be it. I also like clipping it to my bag for easy access as they always fall to the bottom of my bag. Again, comes in a bunch of fun colours!

For the supplement aficionado in your life, this 12-day pill box is great for travelling but also to help you organise your week / 2 weeks of supplements in one go and avoid opening and closing 5 bottles of separate ones each day. Game-changer.

These are brilliant for keeping hair off your face when you do your makeup and you won't get that crimpy look which requires a straightener to get rid of.

I have never been someone who brushes their hair when it is dry but it got so long recently that it's kind of a must now. The only brush that doesn't make my dry hair puffy and creates a silky, shiny look is this one. The material it is made from also makes it bendy which means you can get great angles.

I love chain necklaces and rings but never change them up because they are normally lost at the bottom of a jewellery box or bag in a tight knot. This felty tray is perfect for keeping each chain and small cluster of rings in separate compartments for easy access and organisation. I got two and have them side by side in a drawer so that I can see everything all the time.

Velvet hair ribbons seem to be having a moment right now. These two look cute and the black is so chic.

Get someone your favourite tea and it

might become their favourite, too! Pukka also have a great tasting box with 12 different flavours for £14. I became a fan of 4 new teas I hadn't tried before after giving it a go.

Who doesn't love some chocolate in their stocking!? For the lactose intolerant, this oat milk, cookies and cream one is your winner (but any bar of chocolate gets my vote).

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