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£50 Gift Guide

Some bespoke options for a little something extra and lots of colour in this list!

Have your initials, star sign or words of wisdom paired with healing crystals and made into a bracelet or necklace on the T-Balance website. I love these for any occasion and think they are a really special gift.

Know someone who loves tennis? These cream, bespoke balls are so fun. The queen of personalisation Anya Hindmarch never runs out of brilliant ideas.

I call them nature jars, and they bring me so much joy. Bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home with these delicate and elegant little home decorations. I hadn't seen anything like them before and they're so cleverly designed!

This chic workout accessory will help you upgrade your home (or gym) workout while still looking fab. Ditch your old ankle weights and use these, instead! perfect for anyone who loves to work out and all things pink. Bala Workout Bangles - £45

Cleanse your home or space to rebalance the energy and clear anything blocked, stagnant or unwanted. This Palo Santo bundle with rose petals and rose quarts intertwined is a piece of art.

I got these in October and haven't taken them off. The most fun pair of jeans I've bought in a long time!

A friend gave me one of these when she came to stay and I've bought two since. I wasn't sure what it was to start with but put it in my handbag and its smelt so good since. Also great for the car or to put in your hotel room for some home comfort.

Give the other half to a friend or gift to a family member for them and their best friend. These dainty gold chains with white enamel heart and zirconia sparkles are so delicate and feminine.

For the tea lovers... step it up a notch with loose leaf tea and somewhere to make it. This Bodum one is tried and tested by over 4,000 people (me being one of them). It is a forever buy and the glass aspect is timeless.

Another hand soap for your bathroom, but this time from well-known, Aesop. It has little exfoliating granules in it which is an extra surprise and you'll have silky smooth hands afterwards.

This multi use scrub will leave your skin feeling like a baby's bum after use. Made with their St.Barts scent it smells divine and will give your scalp a deep cleanse to remove build up of hair product and oils. Hydrating and PH balancing, this luxurious product is perfect for a Sunday self-care night.

They are a real treat, totally indulgent and also real soft. Available in a range of natural tones, they look cool with trainers or poking over the top of boots.

Time and Time again these mini diaries are a hit. I love the colour-ways, especially this sand colour. Pocket size for your bag and most important plans!

Make a kitchen counter top chic with this colourful, vibrant bottle of extra virgin oil from Frantoio Muraglia. A cool option for foodies and chefs alike.

Olive Oil- £36

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