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A new habit idea for every day in October.

Small incremental habits are what help to establish a daily routine or lifestyle that gets one closer to their desired Health & Wellness goals.

For this reason, I have decided that for every day in October I will share a new, daily habit idea below, in the hope that some may stand out to you and you might try them out.

Remember... it is said that a new habit takes 21 days to become natural/ more automatic in your life. This period is also how long I think it takes for effects to become visible and one to see proper results.

The habits that I suggest below are by no means all meant to apply, or all be attractive to everyone. They are varied, some easier to do than others, and some may simply make no sense to you. Look at it like a pik n' mix, and choose the ones that immediately catch your eye. (if something does not feel right once tried, please stop it immediately).

I would recommend trying to stick to any new habits that you choose, for the 21 days mentioned above. Doing something at the same time every day is a helpful tip too, as it's then easier to remember that way.The idea is that the habits that you enjoy, stick and make a positive change in your life. Change is not easy though, so don't get disheartened if you find it tricky to do everyday - slow, steady steps in the right direction is far better than nothing at all!

  1. Drink more water (average 2 litres per day).

  2. Chew your food (aim for 20 chews a mouthful).

  3. Tongue scrape (before you brush your teeth, drink water or ideally even talk!).

  4. Be present in nature (breathe, feel the weather on your skin, take memory photos).

  5. Read something new each day (whether it be an article, chapter of a book, poem or news story).

  6. Breathe (deep, belly breaths).

  7. Care for your skin (a proper morning and night routine are important for everyone).

  8. Stretch (between meetings, during workouts, before bed or upon rising).

  9. Wind down before bed (light a candle, do a meditation, turn off your phone, read).

  10. Body brush (upwards, towards the heart in circular motions. 3-4 times a week).

  11. Cook yourself one meal daily (minimum!)

  12. Look for the light (we all have down days, and even those are there to teach us something).

  13. Shop local (it is better for you, the environment and your local farmers).

  14. Wear things that make you happy (I wear coloured nail polish to make me smile in winter).

  15. Count your blessings (always. be. grateful)

  16. Laugh (deep, belly laughing is like therapy. If you do it with people you love - it's even better too).

  17. Stop restricting (eat the tub of ice-cream. But make sure that you love every single mouthful and don't regret it).

  18. Find your calm (work out how to centre yourself in uneasy situations, then take yourself there).

  19. Wash your fruit & veggies (you'd be surprised at how many toxic chemicals are on them).

  20. Be curious (question things, read the counter argument, research).

  21. Love your gut (care for it, listen to it and feed it what it needs).

  22. Do more of what you love (it's good for the soul).

  23. Up your tea consumption (hot, iced, fruity or spicy. They are magical and a great way to curb the cravings).

  24. Take time out (recharge your batteries and don't feel bad about it).

  25. Stand (get up and start moving, we spend way too long on our backsides).

  26. Go offline (try a screen detox, or even a social media one. Be present and be aware of screen consumption).

  27. Incorporate a skincare routine (so important even from a young age. make it a ritual).

  28. Eat more superfoods (all of them, every day. Your body will thank you and so will your brain).

  29. See more sunrises/ sunsets (they are just the best things out. I know I talk about this a lot but it really is true!)

  30. Listen to your body (tune in, feel, listen and learn. Your body is your home for this life, it knows you best and will always guide you in the right direction. There is no greater gift than befriending it.)

  31. Be positive (you will get what you put out into the world. Positivity is contagious and it will change your life).

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