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Plan your at-home retreat weekend

Retreats and health camps always sound very appealing and just what one needs until you scroll to the price section of the website...

5-days / a week at an overseas spa or health camp with low-calorie, healthy food, scheduled rest and a great workout / spa schedule sometimes feels like the only way to actually make a difference to the way you feel and get results.

However, I disagree. I don’t believe that you need to go somewhere (yes, it is lovely to be able to of course) but there is SO much on offer from a health and wellness perspective online and in-person across all cities that I think one can design their own reset or ‘retreat’ in their own home town without having to pay for the expensive flights, hotel and outsourced planning.

I call them spa weekends or ‘at home retreats’, and my clients are big fans… It takes some planning and organising but is so much fun and will leave you feeling fresh, rested and healthier than you did on Friday when you finished work.

You can do it over a weekend or take some days off, do it alone or with some friends. The important thing is to plan in advance to make the most of it and get what you need from the time. By that, I mean don’t plan anything social or attend events which aren’t part of your ‘re-set weekend’. Why? Because you want to fully embrace the rest, relaxation and really pretend you’re away at a retreat.

How do you plan it?

Firstly, pick a weekend or days off and put it in your diary. Secondly, plan whether you want to do it alone or with a friend and get them to commit to the same few days.

Once you have a date, think about how much you are willing to spend. You’ll already be saving by not going away, and you’ll be doing some of your cooking at home so this budget is for any classes, workshops or treatments you’d like to include.

Then, think of all the things that you enjoy most from an exercise, food, spa, health and wellness point of view. Are there any favourite studios or salons in your city you’ve been wanting to try? Do you have a voucher for a massage you need to use or saved a recipe that you really want to try? Make a list.

As you start to think about your at-home re-set, ask yourself what you want to get out of it. Do you simply want to rest? Are you looking to cleanse your liver? Nourish your body through lots of yoga? Give your digestion a break? Get clear on your aim, so that you can theme all your activities around that goal.

Next, make a plan. You have 2 days and 2 nights (maybe 3 nights if you count Sunday) to fit in all the rest, relaxation and fun that you can. You might start the day with a morning meditation, then go for a walk in your nearest park before coming home to make a new banana pancake recipe. Schedule a yoga class in the afternoon and set aside some time to read before having a massage in the evening and doing an at-home facial. Draw up a time table, find some balance between activity and rest, and incorporate nutritious meals and plenty of time for sleep into your plan. Buy the food you need before, sign up to the classes and schedule any treatments to avoid disappointment.

By scheduling your days like you would have done at a retreat you'll get the most out of the time you have and fit in much more.

I have included an example of what an at-home reset weekend might look like below, and included a blank version of a daily planner should you wish to to plan your own and need a template for it. Print out the sheet for each day of your reset and make a list of all the things you'd like to do over your 'at-home retreat' weekend.

Tag me on your next reset weekend and let me know how yours goes!

Saturday -

9am - wake and drink warm water with lemon and ginger

9-9:30am - stretch, 10 min guided meditation, shower & skincare

10am - Walk in the park with new podcast episode been meaning to listen to

12pm- Reflexology appointment on way home

1:30 - Atis salad bowl delivery for lunch

2-5pm - Read, watch What the Health documentary and tidy home.

5-6:30pm - Online Yoga class

7-8pm - Cook new recipe for dinner

8-10pm - At-home facial with face yoga class from Youtube, 15 min guided meditation and Journalling before bed


9am - wakeup and drink warm water with lemon and ginger

9-9:30 - stretch, 10 min guided meditation, shower & skincare

10-11:30am - Walk in the park with new podcast episode been meaning to listen to

11:30 - Reformer pilates class

1pm - Lunch

2-3:30pm - Mani Pedi

4-6pm - Creative afternoon to write cards, paint, colour etc.

6pm - prepare to-do list for week ahead and any at-home admin needed to be done

7pm - cook big batch of soup for dinner and week ahead

8-10pm - Bath, meditation, journalling and reading.

** Personal priorities for both days: drink lots of water and herbal teas, avoid all refined and processed ingredients, catch up on reading and podcast episodes + rest and nourish through gentle movement.**

Download a high resolution version of the daily planner to print at home and write over by downloading here.

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