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Anxiety right now...

Having a toolkit of tools and techniques that help you in times of stress and anxiety is vital in the world we live in today. An estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders (that's around 4% of the global population) and the symptoms can be debilitating.

When I work with coaching clients we spend up to 6-weeks experimenting with different approaches and methods so that we know that we've got a trusty, reliable set of tools that can be called upon in any anxiety inducing situation and will help instil calm, rationality and balance to the moment. Within the toolkit there are tools for S.O.S moments and preventative daily rituals to keep things from spiralling out of control.

However, what I have realised over the last week or so is that the tools which had not failed me (or my clients) are no longer working. Maybe it's because this time the cause of anxiety has changed and is like nothing we've experienced before. What worked for stressful work situations, emotional eating, relationship issues, insomnia etc. does not work this time round. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shocked, saddened and worried us as a global population. No one knows what could come next and unlike Covid-19 (which was also a time of unchartered waters) you were told that if you stayed home, you were safe. At the moment, we have no idea what could happen days, weeks, months and years down the line if Putin is not stopped. We've seen on the news that Ukrainians are definitely not safe in their own homes, and that a vaccine won't stop this.

Due to the current circumstances, it may be necessary to go back to the drawing board and begin a process of trial and error to ease your anxiety. Try new tools and techniques till you find some that help you through these times and re-jiggle your own personal toolbox. You only need one tool if it's enough to make a positive difference and improve your anxious feeling. Do what you need to do to find it.

This week I have been exploring new tools with my one-to-one clients and together we have come up with some new rituals to try. I have shared some of the combined ideas below, and hope that if you choose to try them, they help you too.

- Guided meditation

- Yoga Nidra

- Body tapping

- Sound healing

- Breath work

- Join a running club

- Writing

- Reading

- Yoga

- Boxing

- Infrared Sauna

- Audiobooks

- Massage

- Reflexology

- Brain dumping

- Creative hobbies

- Cooking new recipes

- Phone detox

- Organising finances

- Community work

- Learning a new language

- Rock climbing

- Pottery painting

- Reiki

- Acupuncture

- Cold water swimming

- Forest bathing

- Alone time

- Cancelling plans

- Watching childhood favourite movie

- Cutting out coffee

- Learning something new

- Using essential oils & aromatherapy

- Donating


- Using CBD products

- Walks in nature

- Using visualisation techniques

- Balance chakra centres

- Learn Human Design type

- Speak to a therapist

I'd love to know if you do end up using this list and finding something that helps to ease your stress and anxiety at the moment. Share your experience on Instagram and tag @oc.wellness_

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