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Brain Dumping...

You may or may not have heard of the concept 'brain dumping' before. If you have not then you are welcome, because it is one of the most effective tools for releasing stress & anxiety that both I and my clients have found to date.

The technique is quick, requires little effort, can be done anywhere (think at your desk when you don't want your colleagues to know what you're doing, or on the tube on your way to an event) and works wonders.

The act of brain dumping quite literally requires you to remove the 'overthinking' thoughts from your brain by writing them down on a piece of paper, in a notebook, on the notes app of your phone, on a restaurant napkin or back of an old envelope. It does not matter where you write them, as you will most likely shred, rip up or throw it away once you're done.

The idea is that you take all the worries, stresses and thoughts swirling around in your head and dump them out into a comprehensive list. Out of your brain, onto paper. This releases the thoughts and helps to alleviate the load from your mind.

You might write 3 or 25 things down... keep going till you feel you've emptied out, and have freed up more space to think about what matters or concentrate on the important task at hand.

Next time you feel overwhelmed and at breaking point, take a deep breath, take out your writing materials and get dumping... this technique might just turn your day around ;).

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