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You might have heard this term used when in the gym or even when talking about your hair...

In this post however, I will be talking about a different kind of conditioning - which is one that we are all subject to as we grow from little children into adults.

In Human Design, we find out what type we are, whether we have defined or undefined energy centres in the body, what our profile is and what channels connect and don't connect throughout the body. Once we gather all of this information and learn how best to use it in order to live our lives in closer alignment with the person we were when we arrived on this planet - we are living our 'true self'.

In order to live ones 'true self' rather than their 'not-self' there is often some de-conditioning to be done. This means that once you've learned what the correct way to live in alignment with yourself is, you are able to figure out what you are naturally inclined to do that may not in fact be correct to your type and begin to 'divorce yourself' from those habits and traits that although natural now, may not have been natural to begin with. This is a result of the conditioning that we undergo as we are taught by parents, grandparents, teachers, guardians, and other prominent adult figures from our childhood.

We live in a society where people behave in certain ways, dress in an expected style, treat people a particular manner etc. These are all acts and habits that we pick up as we grow, and assume that they are indeed the correct way because they are being portrayed as 'good, 'right' or 'best' by the trusted adults around us.

The act of conditioning is normally done from a place of love and most aren't even aware that they are doing it... for example, a parent will want their child to be the best version of themselves and be ready to go into the world and find a good job when they turn 21. Guiding them on a path that the parent deems best for the child to succeed is what we would call conditioning. The only issue is, that what the parent suspects is right for the child, may be totally wrong, so that child will have spent the first 21 years of its live being expected to live in a certain way and achieving certain things that may not be energetically correct for the child. This can lead to all sorts of imbalances later down the line.

Once we're adults and we realise what traits may be a result of conditioning rather than our innate need/ want to do something... we have the power and the life experience to part with the voice saying 'I should do this because it's expected of me' or 'I really don't want to but I have to'. We are able to begin living in a way feels right deep down in our bodies because as an adult we feel we finally have no one to answer to and can do as we please (again, hello conditioning).

The point of being aware of what conditioning consists of, is to think about what we do that is truly right for us (you can feel it) and notice what is energetically not right for us (certain characteristics and personalities will come through - bitterness, frustration etc.) look for patterns, and use your new found knowledge to live more in alignment with your true self.

If all of this sounds daunting, look at it like a game - tune into your body and see what its telling you. Test it, and if you feel your gut has said yes to something, do it and notice how it feels afterwards. Do you feel frustrated by the situation you put yourself in? or was it a blast? If you feel frustrated, see it as the universe course-correcting you on your journey of life and react to that situation differently next time by maybe saying no...

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