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The common phrase ‘you are what you eat’ carries weight in my opinion. Our health, both mentally and physically (as well as emotionally, in fact) is all impacted hugely by diet and nutrition. However, I really don’t think it stops there…

You are what you eat… yes. But you are also what you drink, what you think, what you speak, what you listen to, what you believe, who you spend time with, how you rest, what you do when you wake up, what you do on vacation etc. etc. etc.

If we swapped the word ‘eat’ to ‘consume’ it would be more general and all-encompassing of everything that we take in from the world around us (our food included).

How can we expect to be upbeat, smiley and energetic if we consume negative news, watch bitchy trash TV, drink soda full of chemicals, look at our phone first thing in the morning, only work out in a dark dungeon with blaring music and gather with people who only see things negatively? It would be very difficult...

Instead, swap your news channel for something less biased or radical, read don’t watch, drink mineral water, start the day with some stretching, walk in the park and set boundaries around the people you hang out with. That way, you are filtering out the things that negatively impact your mood, health and sense of joy. Why? Because however much you might be doing to improve your diet, will not make a difference if you go home to an untidy home and gossipy box set… those two things don’t support the good work you do at meal times and warp the sense of reality you are creating for yourself.

As well as your actions and beliefs, the language you use impacts your reality.

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