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Dairy Free Chocolate 101

It's as simple as that... find a round-up of what I deem to be the best dairy free chocolates on the shelves these days!

The worst thing about dairy free chocolate is that it can taste really dusty... the balance and texture has to be so spot on for it to be good, and these are the brands that have achieved it for me. I love flavoured chocolates (anything with orange or sea salt) and every time I go to Whole Foods where they have most of these brands, I love seeing all the colourful packaging and exciting new flavour combinations to try. Not only are these brands all dairy free, but they are also all (I'm pretty sure) 100% plant-based so good for vegans as well as those with lactose intolerance/allergy.


Pico chocolate- (what taught me that dairy free chocolate is actually even better than normal chocolate)

Montezuma's- (a solid favourite of mine. Won't travel without a bar in my handbag)

MIA- (recent discovery and such a treat!)

Raw halo- (was drawn in originally by the colourful packaging, taste made me re buy)

Doisy and Dam- (hello chocolate buttons and mini eggs... great for kids, too.)

Kyoot- (this branding...)

Ombar- (so easy to find, I like the 70%)

Booja Booja- (truffles rather than a bar which I love for entertaining. Also, their ice cream...)

MELT- (their Notting Hill store is beautiful)

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