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Do you need to cut back your caffeine intake?

Some see coffee as a comforting, cosy drink that they have 1/2 times a day and take time over to drink. Making the journey to a coffee shop, preparing it as a ritual and drinking it in their favourite nook of the house it's more like a treat. Others drinks copious amounts of it, black, and don’t even realise it's finished before trying to take another sip…said people are most likely using it to stay awake and power through their day. There are the ones who drink it iced even when freezing cold in December, in a bid to suppress their appetite and lose some weight weight, and have you met the ones who can’t speak before having their first cup in the morning...?

To me, coffee is delicious, and I love it. However, unfortunately for some it can have negative effects and therefore isn't so great.

Technically, coffee is a stimulant and in high doses can increase anxiety. Coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated teas, Coca cola etc. all have the same effect - so I'm not just referring to your hot morning beverage here.

What is for certain, is that people have different thresholds with regards to how much coffee they can tolerate, and if you begin to feel side effects such as jitters, anxiety, nausea - you might consider cutting back.

Studies show that in moderation, coffee can be healthy - however, unfortunately this does not apply to everyone. It is a good idea to gage how much coffee you can drink before feeling any negative impacts, what exactly those after effects look like, and how much you rely on it. Then you have a gage as to where your 'safe spot' is.

If you are someone who doesn’t stomach it so well, you could try adding cinnamon to help balance sugar levels and not make you so jittery. You could also try adding a milk of your choice to dilute it slightly? It might be best though, to just cut it out all together and opt for herbal teas instead.

You might not even realise that right now it's the coffee thats making you feel a little off, so if you’re someone who isn’t feeling their best and does drink coffee regularly...maybe try taking a week or so off, to see if you notice anything. Note - if you are cutting it out, headaches for the first few days are common - don’t despair because you’ll get through it. It's essentially withdrawal symptoms so be kind to yourself, find an alternative and remember that you'll be over them soon! :)

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