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Don't fall into the trap...

When it comes to managing our stress, it takes a process of trial and error to find the tools and techniques that work for us.

Through a process of elimination, we can hone in on the things that DO work for us at a particular period in time and leave those that don't really make a difference to our stress levels.

However, what we need to be aware of, is not falling into the trap of trying too many things at once, making ourselves do things that don't feel good just because they work for someone else, or drowning ourselves in a sea of 10 habits per morning all in the name of lowering stress. That's not the point of it...that's not what we're trying to achieve.

What we're trying to do is the opposite... we're trying to find a few things that we can slot into our already busy lives, that don't take too much time and that feel easy-ish while having a positive impact and making a difference.

To do this we need to be open to potentially trying 10 tools before finding one that works for us, or adapting to life evolving and techniques that used to work potentially no longer working. Therefore the need to find new ones. It also means we have to listen to our emotions and our bodies, to be able to hear the clues on what is or isn't working.

By slowing down enough to have the time and space to listen to ourselves and hear these clues, we might even find that those moments are the most de-stressing ones we've tried to date.

Maybe pausing is your one-way ticket to less stress.

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