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Got a hobby? This is why you might want to have one this winter...

As we approach a winter with more restrictions than just bad weather, I wanted to talk about the importance of having a hobby that you love and can turn to as a way of entertainment.

Hobbies are important, and I learned this at a very young age when I’d go into the kitchen and say ‘mummy I’m bored’. In response, she’d say ‘only boring people get bored’ and list off endless fun things that we could do to make the afternoon exciting.

This message stuck with me, and maybe as a result of those afternoons making collages from old magazines, baking, building tree houses & dens, painting, leaf collecting etc. I taught myself to look at what I have in my current environment and get creative with it till I find something to do that entertains me.

At 28 I’ll find a box of beads and spend a whole weekend stringing necklaces for people, or a calligraphy set and spend the mornings writing my name out again and again. It doesn’t matter what it is that you enjoy, but finding it/ them and making it something you come back to and find joy in, is such fun!

With the curfews and rules of 6 in place in the UK, indoor hobbies that you can do at home would be best right now, but there’s nothing stopping you from being outdoors either, so running or tennis for example would also be good!

Having a ‘bucket list’ of hobbies I’d like to try is something I’ve always done, and then you can tick it off if it’s not your vibe or continue practicing / doing if it is!

Right now, these are the potential interests on my bucket list that I’d like to try-

• rock climbing

• tea mixology

• pottery

• knitting

• home-made jam making

Some I can do from home, others require a bit more space or a particular studio visit so they might have to wait for now. However, should we go down into a further lockdown I'll definitely order a knitting set and testing my skills.

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