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Have you ever thought about why you might be getting cravings?

When we're young, we are often offered chocolates, sweets, ice-cream or pizza in return for good grades, if we stop the crying, or if we sit down and be still. What this does, is it conditions into our subconscious that sweet, indulgent treats and the foods are that are 'bad' for us, are REWARDS.

As we grow up, many of us realise that when we've had a long day at work, are stressed, or have completed 3 days of a diet for example - we should reward ourselves with something which often happens to be a sweet treat or 'not allowed' when we're being 'good'.

Generally speaking, we also know that sugary, high in refined carbohydrate foods are what we should avoid because of the negative effects they have on our health. So... this combination of having an ingrained view of rewarding ourselves with the foods we used to be given as a child when we behaved, and the human mind naturally wanting what we can't have, cause cravings.

How do we stop these cravings you may ask?

Well... firstly, we must disassociate the foods we crave, with rewards.

Begin rewarding yourself with walks in the park, a massage, a new box of teas your wanting to try, a new book etc. instead. Then, consciously notice when you're reaching for the foods you crave, and what type of day you've had prior. Look for a pattern.

Once you know when a craving might happen, prepare yourself with the alternative reward that you can achieve as easily as stopping for ice-cream on the way home, and make that happen instead.

With time, it will become natural not to reach for the bar of chocolate, and instead view listening to a podcast in a candle lit bath as a reward for getting through the back-to-back meetings and stressful commute home.

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