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How can Human Design help us in our daily lives?

Simply put, it provides one with their unique design and makes one aware of the ingredients that make us who we are.

- It pinpoints our intrinsic nature and the things that make us tick.

- It explains the sorts of people that we 'click' with and the type of environment which brings out the best in us.

- It reveals our true self's underlying nature, preferences, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, dynamics and in-built chemistry so that we can navigate life with a new understanding of how we are designed to go through life.

- It reminds us of the needs and feelings that we are celebrating or resisting.

- It helps to explain how we can make decisions which foster happiness and fulfilment for ourselves and others.

- It determines the dynamics between people and allows us to see where there is synergy, conflict or nothing in common.

- It explains differences between siblings and highlights the practical and emotional interactions between parent & child, husband & wife etc.

- It illustrates to employers or clients the different natural abilities within each person - a vital tool for strengthening collective productivity and enabling people to work in a way that best suits them.

- It shows teachers the capabilities of each pupil and how to bring out the best in each child, according to their design.

- It makes one aware of the magnetisms at play and why one is drawn to certain people or repelled by others.

It is the most logical, clear and in-depth insight into the self that there could ever be, and this in turn enables us to not only understand ourselves on a much deeper level, but also those around us who we love, work with or see on a regular basis.

To know what your chart entails and what it means for you, a 90-minute Deep Dive with Olivia explains and untangles (image of a chart shown below for reference) everything your chart includes + the ways in which you can proactively use that information in your daily life to make the most of knowing this new-found information.

If interested, please click here.

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