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How to make a habit stick. For real this time...

Building a habit that actually sticks around long term is hard. We begin with the best intentions, dive in all guns blazing and then after a while fall out of love with the effort said habit requires on a daily basis.

If you're looking to implement healthy habits and want them to become engrained in your routine then look no further. A process that follows small, incremental steps to building an overall healthy lifestyle is the most sustainable way to reach your habit goals is fundamental to implementing them in the first place. This blog post will take you step-by-step through the process it takes to achieving them.

  1. Focus on ONE new habit at a time. Your store of willpower can therefore be used on that one habit, channelling all of it in the same direction and increasing your odds of success. Ask yourself 'what one habit would I really like to form?' establish it, and research it all you can so that you're equipped with the knowledge needed in order to do it right and become an expert in that one habit.

  2. Commit to a minimum of 30 days where all your allotted focus time is directed towards it. Some habits take longer, others shorter to form but 30 days is a good average.

  3. Anchor your new habit into an already established routine. For example do it straight after brushing your teeth or right before putting on your pyjamas.

  4. Take baby steps towards this new habit. A micro commitment will seem more manageable than an overwhelming one which then falls by the wayside.

  5. Don't break the chain. Do something every single day without fail towards this habit and focus hard on not breaking it. Use a yearly calendar and cross off the days you commit to it, so that it becomes easy to track and motivates you not to skip a beat.

  6. Plan for obstacles and challenges. Learn how to effectively adapt to them as they will obviously arise. I always say that preparation is the best way to avoid failing at something. If you're equipped, there is less room for excuses and you'll find a way to make it work.

  7. Create accountability for your new habit. Track your efforts, make a public declaration or have an accountability partner. Whatever works for you, choose that.

  8. Reward important milestones. Think of something that will maintain inspiration to keep you going till the end of that week, month etc.

  9. Build a new identity around your new habit. Once it becomes part of you, only then will you stick to it without constant need for reinforcements. Shift your mindset and tell yourself 'I'm a runner, I'm the kind of person who absolutely loves running.'

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