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Inexpensive self-care ideas

Having a toolbox of self-care rituals that help to alleviate stress and instil calm can be beneficial in a world where life inevitably gets chaotic from time to time and we need to feel as balanced as possible to keep things in order.

Self-care looks different to everyone, and there are varying levels to cost, time and accessibility when it comes to the number of options available to each person for their personal routine. What I aim to do through this post is provide you with a number of inexpensive, time efficient rituals to try & test before maybe adding them to your collection of methods to call upon, in times of overwhelm.

If you practice self-care methods regularly, you can prevent stress from getting out of control in the first place which often I find is easier to manage than trying to reverse it when it feels more out of hand and it's 'too late'.

- take a longer bath or shower than usual and add some drops of essential oils of your choice.

- go for a walk outdoors, and leave your headphones and phone at home.

- Light a candle and watch the flickering flames. This is mesmerising and can induce deep meditation.

- Meditate.

- Write a list which removes thoughts from your busy mind and provides clarity in your day.

- Journal what's on your mind.

- Make a mug of your favourite tea and sip on it in bed.

- Take 5 deeeeep belly breaths.

- Tidy your space. A clean space helps with a tidy mind.

- Call that person you've been meaning to call back. It will be a weight off your chest and a tick on your to-do list.

- Play with your pets, or a friends pet.

- Listen to your favourite song on loud, on repeat and dance like no one is watching.

- Write a letter to your 16 year old self.

- Put your bare feet in the grass and feel the earth below you.

- Make an inspiring mood board on Pinterest.

- Read a book for fun rather than to learn something new.

- Learn a new recipe or use a new ingredient.

- Watch your favourite childhood movie.

- Stretch the body and feel into any tight spaces as they release

- Take longer than normal doing your skincare routine

- Take longer than normal brushing your teeth. Concentrate on each tooth.

- Watch a view that you like with no limit on how long you spend there.

I created a self-care reel to show you some of the ways I unwind, you can find it on my Instagram page!

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