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Learn how to Travel with Balance...

When you travel for work (my business was based in Morocco), to see your family (in Gibraltar), to visit your boyfriend who lives across the Atlantic ocean in New York AND to attend weddings of friends who live scattered across the globe not only do you become a Kayak/ Expedia professional when it comes to finding good deals but you also really ACE the process of travelling for a few days with no time on arrival to 'adjust' because you're going straight into something fun and want to make the most of your short time there.

This is what I did for many years. I also spent a lot of money on plane pillows, supplements, face masks, liquids and gels (to beat jet lag) in an attempt to make sure I'd arrive looking fresh, 'glowy' for the event and feeling good with lots of energy. I also fell for all the latest gadgets in an effort to find ways to make the entire process of travelling more effective, easy and fun.

Having solidified my method (and made my sister very jealous each time we travel together because I have all my 'things', fall asleep when I want to and don't suffer from jet lag) I decided to put these tips & tricks into a guide in order to share them with you.

To put it into perspective, the first two times I met my boyfriends family I was ill. As in really, really ill from non-stop travelling, working on a launch, being run down and not being kind to my body by giving it what it needed between trips. The first of these two meetings, I arrived from the airport with food poisoning from the plane (don't eat plane food. ever.) and had to repeatedly run to the loo over the two days to be sick (sorry TMI), the second meeting (and boy was I keen to make a better impression this time) I went straight into a family dinner at a restaurant and spent the entire time on the loo after another 10 hour flight which left me severely dehydrated and lacking sleep after being freezing cold all flight and using the airplane tap water to brush my teeth (ask a member of the cabin crew for a small bottle of water to use instead). From there my mission to perfect travel was born and I was no longer going to embarrass myself by arriving in such a state.

Finally, my 16-page guide Travel with Balance is available for you to to purchase and download immediately on my website shop page and is filled with the tips needed to prepare for a trip (think best ways to pack, prep for jet lag, not overpack etc.), for the trip itself and then for arrival. I have included fill out pages to help you get into the habit of planning, designed a 20-minute hotel room floor workout where all you need is a towel to lay on, and mentioned all the bits and bobs that I found to help me feel my best on my journey and at my destination. There is a lot in there, and it will be relevant for years.

As travelling picks up again and we can all start ticking our bucket list destinations off our lists, this guide will come in handy and enable you to make travelling as smooth, easy and hassle free as possible.

Click here to find my guide and I hope you enjoy it!

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