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Lockdown with kids...

The news of a second lockdown is disheartening to anyone, but when you've got young kids thrown in there too, the thought of entertaining them at home for hours on end is daunting to say the least.

I have come up with some in-expensive, easy activities to do with them after school and over weekends, which hopefully you'll enjoy doing with them too!

I'd love to hear how you get on.

  1. Lion mane making masks with Autumnal leaves - Collect brown/ orange leaves on your park walks and keep them till they are dry before sticking them round a paper plate and cutting the eyes out. Attach an elastic or ribbon to the sides with a stapler and colour in the face!

2. Start with a new note pad (preferably lined pages inside) and decorate the outside with magazine cuttings, stickers, photos etc. Encouraging kids to start journaling of some kind is great for the future! I think I'm going to design my own for 2021.

3. Have a box of all your old buttons lying around gathering dust? Use them to make masterpieces! Draw the outline of a shape on fairly thick card before using glue to stick down the buttons as shown below. They look amazing in a box frame too.

4. Cocktail sticks make for hours of entertainment when paired with some blue-tac... Use balls of the tac to fix together the sticks and build forts, bridges etc. This is a great one for little boys especially - they love it!

5. Invent board games. Provide a big piece of card, some colours, dice and counters then let them get creative! Not only will they take hours planning, designing and making - but they then have a new game to play.

6. Check out for boxes of activities to keep little ones entertained. They love it!

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