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Non-alcoholic drink options for a night out...

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

For the non drinkers out there, I wanted to share my favourite non-alcoholic drink options that I've found to be my go-to's after a few months of trial and error. Its quite an art finding something that makes you feel like you're not being boring and sticking to water, while avoiding the sugar loaded, fizzy sodas that seem like the most obvious alternative option.

In no particular order, these are my top 4 and each image links to it's corresponding website.

DASH Water - flavoured sparkling water infused with wonky, organic fruits and vegetables. Available in cans or glass bottles and made in England. These guys work to use produce that would otherwise go to waste because it doesn't look 'perfect' enough for the supermarket shelves. Branding is on POINT!

Non - Alcoholic beers - they get bad press from many, but I genuinely think they are a delicious treat on a warm day when everyone around you is drinking pints. My favourites are Heineken 0.0% and Free Star which is local to London.

Fever Tree- Flavoured tonic waters are something I only discovered since deciding to stop drinking alcohol. I can imagine they are probably pretty good with Gin but I love them solo too. My favourite flavours are the Elderflower and Aromatic ones but they are all pretty delicious to be honest!

SeedLip- The worlds first distilled non alcoholic spirits in 3 botanical flavours. I personally like the 'Grove' flavour which is a little more citrusy and am slightly obsessed with their packaging. A British brand with so many restaurants & bars serving it.

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