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On my Mind this month...

I decided to add a section to my monthly round-up, with 10 things that I've been thinking about during that month. Things on my mind so to say...

I normally like to keep my newsletter content seperate and different from anything I post anywhere else, but thought that I'd include just this aspect into my Journal page on a monthly basis too.

So...this is my February 'On my mind this month'.

1. We attach far too much importance to what other people think of us.

2. Reading food labels is SO important. Even the 'healthy' stuff is packed with sugar and inflammatory oils. Don't assume it's good for you just because it look or says it on the wrapping.

3. Apple really needs to do something about how easily their screens crack - even the new phone which is meant to be 'uncrackable'... :(

4. Good weather is game-changing for my mood.

5. Human Design is an incredible tool for getting to know who you really are. It can also give you the permission you've always craved to just be, you.

6. I eat a lot of ice-cream. It needs to stop.

7. If we reframe our fear of something, to being highly aware of it - we can use it as a superpower.

8. I cannot wait to travel again. My bucket list is now as long as my arm.

9. London is a magical city, even during the midst of a pandemic. There is nowhere quite like it.

10. The people you surround yourself with, determine the quality of your life.

I'd love to hear some of the things that have been on your mind, so feel free to comment them below! xxx

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