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Period Pains... how to ease them.

As with everything, we all react differently to our hormones and menstrual phases each month... some suffer more than others from cramping, bloating, muscle pain, headaches, lose stomach etc. which can subsequently cause days of missed work and having to cancel plans.

In order to help with symptoms caused by ones period, I have made a list of some of the methods which work for me and my Instagram followers in the hope that you might find something that works for you too.

Please see below for list of ideas to help lessen the pain. Before incorporating a new medication or oral supplement, please check with your doctor.

  • Taking a magnesium supplement daily

  • Ginger or Camomile Tea

  • Evening Primrose Oil to rub on the area or take as a supplement

  • CBD Balm to rub on stomach when one has cramps

  • Vitamin E (topically or as supplement)

  • An anti-inflammatory diet (especially in the days leading up to it)

  • Cutting back on Coffee during this time

  • Neurofen tablets

  • Solfadine tablets

  • Essential oils such as: Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint or Frankincense

  • CBD Tampons

  • Sleep

  • Short walk and gentle stretching

  • Drink hot water

  • Take a bath

  • Hot Water Bottle

  • Positive mindset and affirmations to help shift from thoughts of 'I will suffer this month' to 'I do not suffer from Period Pains any longer'. The power of the mind can work wonders!

  • Orgasms!

Period Power by Nadia Okamoto is brilliant and light hearted. It discusses all matters period and is a great read for anyone who suffers from symptoms during their cycle or whats to know more about it. I would highly recommend it.

Mylivia also has a machine that promises to 'switch off period pain'. It is a small device and "Livia is the first scientifically proven wearable solution for period pain relief." It is designed to clip comfortably and discreetly to your waistband. Once clipped, simply attach the electrode gel pads to your lower abdomen. With the press of a button, Livia gets to work immediately, stopping pain in its tracks. Adjust the pulses to your preferred intensity with the -/+ buttons. Enjoy safe, comfortable, and discreet relief that moves with you – so you can get on with your day, pain-free.

Tracking ones cycle and taking note of symptoms, anxieties or mood swings that arise and come with it, enables us to see patterns so that we can work in tandem with our hormones rather than against them. Please see the article I previously wrote on the different phases of our cycle + how to adjust our lifestyle to it here. To track your cycle, P Tracker is a great app that you can find for free in the app store.

If you would like to talk further about working with your cycle and balancing your hormones through an OC Wellness plan going forward, please find out how you can do this here.

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