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Travel Journal - Sedona

This small but famous town in the middle of Arizona is commonly known for its pull of spiritual seekers, powerful vortexes and jaw-dropping red stone scenery.

I had felt called to this place for many years, and when I finally made it as the second stop on a road trip of Arizona, Nevada and California - it blew my mind in more ways than one.

Firstly, the expanse of red rock surrounding the town is unbelievable and beautiful. It towers above, and all around you wherever you chose to go. It gives the area this pinky, romantic light which I haven’t experienced anywhere else and still think of regularly, 2 years later.

The main reasons for visiting Sedona, would most likely be the hikes and outdoor activities available. The spiritual experiences, crystal shops and food spots are also worth the trip, but being outdoors taking in and living within the breathtaking nature on offer is definitely a priority for everyone visiting.

My recommendations for things to do / see/ stay and eat are as follows;

Spiritual -

Mystical Bazaar or Crystal Magic have the best crystals.

It seems that people on every corner of this towns streets claims to be a psychic or intuitive expert, so be wary and head to The Centre for the new Age which is near the centre of town and your go- to spot for a real psychic reading. They normally take walk-ins and the boutique on-site is pretty special too.

Sedona is also home to dozens who are experts in shamanic traditions, with roots in the wisdom of indigenous tribes across North and South America. If you’re interested in guided vision journeys, circles or spiritual journeys of self-discovery - private or group work is offered in abundance around this town.

Food & Drink-

Local Juicery is still, hands-down the best juice bar and acai bow spot I have EVER been to… that is quite a statement, because I have been to many of both but really, you have to visit. The staff are great, their food + drink perfect (get the magic milk and the root juice), and they also have a great offering of lotions, potions, powders, supplements and accessories that any health & wellness phene would have to resist hard not to buy.

Berry Divine is also great for coffee and acai bowls, it’s worth visiting both and choose your favourite!

For meat lovers, the Outlaw Grill is home to the best ribs, slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches and sweet potato fries we had all trip (we tried a lot of ribs) but they run out quickly so be sure to get there early. The spot is hidden within a mall-like alleyway so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find it instantly as it requires a bit of searching. Definitely worth it!

For Mexican / tex-mix - Elite Cafe and Tortas de Fuego are both yum.

For Steak houses, Mariposa was delicious and had stunning views (ask to be sat next to the windows).

If you are doing long hikes/ days out, there are plenty of large supermarkets in and around Sedona for you to stop and pick up snacks, water etc. We ended up doing this which came in super handy when some of our hikes were longer than we had thought and we would have been very low in energy and dehydrated if we hadn’t done this.

Tlaquepaque is an arts & shopping village with lots of outdoor courtyard restaurants and entertainment. If you aren’t one to book food reservations in advance, head here and you’ll find a free table somewhere with a cute vibe.

Out door activities -

Hiking hiking hiking, it is the best way to see the vortexes and canyons for yourself up close as well as potentially experience the power of them. There are maps and leaflets around town so that you can plan according to what you want to see + how long you want to hike the trails for.

The main things to see which we loved were:

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross - we did this by car.

  • Cathedral Rock - hiked

  • Bell Rock - hiked

  • Airport Mesa (head up here for sunset, the best views over the canyons and Sedona as a whole). - car

  • Oak Creek Canyon - hiked

We also rented ATVs (buggy for 2 people) which meant that we had 5 hours of exploring the vast expanse of trails and sites of interest that we never would have been able to cover on foot. We loved this so much and got COVERED in mud speeding through giant red water puddles.

(You’ll see pink jeep tours advertised all over town, but doing it via ATV means that you can be much more flexible, go faster and be much more adventurous than you would be as part of a tour group!)

Where to stay -

The Enchantment Resort is most famous because of its positioning. It is nestled into the red rock, with casitas and a world renowned spa (Mii Amo) set in the landscape for ultimate views and a feeling of deep grounding. The spa and gym offer yoga classes, mediation ceremonies & more, which you can book into as a guest for a deeply relaxing stay.

As a guest you also have direct access to one of the towns most famous vortexes via a small gate which members of the public cannot access. This in itself meant that we could hike it at 6am in time for sunrise and beat the crowds for a serene and special experience.

L’Auberge, Tiny Camp and the Hyatt Residence are all fairly similar to one another for other options. This town is not somewhere where you would typically spend much time in your hotel room as there is so much to explore, you do want a comfy bed at the end of a long day of hiking though!

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