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Wellness Guide - London

The start of a new year means many are in the process of trying to get healthier, fitter and have sworn to look after themselves going forward. You know I'm in total agreement with all of the above as long as they are implemented in a way that means that they are long-lasting changes rather than a 'quick fix' or crash diet that only lasts a few weeks.

Self-care and self-love are both terms that I find get bad press. Whether it's because they are considered self-indulgent, frivolous and unnecessary or just that they have been overly used over the past few years I don't know. What I do know, is that whatever you choose to call being gentle and kind to yourself, taking time to relax, treats and rewards or taking time out - is 100% necessary for a healthy mind and body and everyone should do more of it.

For this reason, I put together a London Wellness guide with some of my favourite new (and old) spots in London which I visit when I want to give my body an experience it will thank me for. With new cafes, studios, concept stores and spas opening up all the time a list like this can quickly seem out of date. Because I have chosen not to add only the latest, you may already be familiar with some of my suggestions. In any case, I'm sure there will be surprises and sparkly gems that you can add to your 'wellness experience bucket list' and hope that you make a point of incorporating these or similar spots into your plans for 2022.

Acupuncture can help with anything from trying for a baby to migraines and glowy

skin. This ancient Chinese practice is cause for countless 'miracle' stories when it comes to health and well-being and I would urge anyone who hasn't, to try it. Pricc, a beautiful new studio in Nottinghill massively upgraded my experience of acupuncture by offering this old practice steeped in history a very fresh, colourful new look without forgetting about the core principles.

A strong core is not only about looking good on the beach but also to ensure a healthy gut and surrounding gastro area. This is the first workout that has made me look stronger and leaner at the same time (which is important for me as I'm short) after just a few sessions. Alison loves to focus on inner thighs and wow I feel the burn. This is the first studio of it's kind in London, as is a workout originally launched in New York. Their slogan is "Live like a Londoner, train like a New Yorker".

Since eating more plant-based, I've been curious to try spots offering solely this type of food. In the past, I found vegan or vegetarian restaurants always smelt the same, were a bit soulless and to be honest left me wanting more. This was until I tried Holy Carrot... I reckon it's the best vegetable sushi I (and you) will ever try.

The instant face lift (and delicious deep jaw massage which feels so welcome after a particularly stressful week) gets me going back over and over again. When I have guests from out of town, I'll always book a Face Gym workout for them because its an experience that I haven't found anywhere else and think everyone should try. It also feels good to walk out of somewhere with cheekbones as chiselled as Angelina Jolie's when really all you've done is lie in a chair and had someone play with your face (in a nice way).

You know that the way you choose to feed your body is also the way you feed your mind and soul. Shovelling down burgers and pizza won't help your anxiety but green juice only won't give you strength or energy for exercise and a productive day, either. Variety and quality are at the centre of a balanced, healthy diet and in a time where delivery apps, supermarkets and farmers markets are more accessible than ever I urge you to think about how and where you want to shop to nourish yourself from the inside out. I love to shop for food and find it to be a wholesome,

grounding experience. Wholefoods, The Pimlico Green farmers market and Natoora provide the best quality ingredients for the way I like to eat. You can use this London farmers market link to find the closest market in your area.

Whether you're doing dry Jan, never drink or are interested in some alternatives to lessen your alcohol consumption long-term - the new Anya Hindmarch off licence on Pont Street in Belgravia is home to the wildest selection of non-alc botanical drinks, mixers and pre made cocktails I've seen in London so far. This concept of a 'Liquor store' that sells no liquor seems to be gaining traction in the US and there is another one near Oxford Circus which is both exciting and overdue. I'm here for the all these options so that we can finally say goodbye to diet coke and overly sugary fruit juice cocktails being the only thing to drink at a party.

I used to plan all my social interactions around food and meal times but I have tried to shift the focus to something fun rather than meeting to eat. Sometimes it's a takeaway coffee and walk in the park, sometimes it's a yoga class together but more recently creative experiences have been on my mind. Master Peace in Eccleston Yards and Studio Pottery just around the corner are what I would call mindful activities. You can't really think about anything else or you'll mess your masterpiece up. It forces you to leave your day or week at the door, and focus solely on the activity at hand.

An oldie but goldie... Ruuby app is the epitomy of self-care and self-love. Use the app to book a massage, facial, mani pedi, hair and makeup or waxing appointment from the warmth and comfort of your home and get straight into a hot bath or bed afterwards. There really is no other way to have a massage or reflexology these days and they use the best oils and products (Barbara Sturm) which means there really is nothing more you could possibly want.

Re:mind was one of the catalysts on my journey to what OC Wellness has become today. I went to my first women's full moon circle and first reiki healing there and have continued to go back for yin yoga, sound healing and breath work sessions. I would say it's the most instantly peaceful studio in London and I've tried to track down their blankets, bolsters and pillows to buy them for home on countless occasions.

I update my Instagram stories daily with all the places I visit in between client coaching sessions. If you don't follow me already, you can do so here so that you don't miss out on other spots that don't feature in this post!

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