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Wellness Wednesday - Hattie Puddle

Hattie is a Health and Wellness Coach based in London, and recently gave birth to her daughter Calypso. Having found a new sense of life purpose in keeping as healthy as possible, and helping those around her do the same - she has begun coaching clients one-to-one and is helping to spread the ripple effect of feeling your best through lifestyle and daily habit choices.

Read below for Hatties go-to ways to find a balance between motherhood, work and feeling strong and energetic enough to keep up with two little ones! She swears by accupuncture, green juice and time to work out in a way that best suits your body rather than doing what everyone else is doing.

How do you unwind in the evening? Once the kids are down, I run a magnesium salt bath,

light a candle and do a meditation. After this I will turn my phone off and put my Himalayan

salt lamp on to fill the space with that beautiful glowy light and read a book, I ALWAYS turn

my phone off before getting into bed and try to have an hour with the babies in the morning

before looking at it.

Tell us about your ideal Sunday plan? LOVE a Sunday! So in London it’s taking a long

stroll through Hyde Park and ending up at one of our favourite restaurants for lunch, either

side of the Park so either in Notting Hill or South Kensington! We are super lucky to have a

place in the Cotswolds so when we are up there we start with breakfast at Daylesford and

then take the kids to the Cotswolds Safari Park (it’s mega!) Then onto the butchers on the

way home to cook a roast by the fire… I slip off to the Bamford Spa up there and have a

massage or Pilates session too if there is time!

Something great you’ve learned recently? When it no longer gets beneath your skin. That’s

how you know you’ve grown!

What’s the best piece of health advice that you’ve been given, that has worked for you?

Always pair protein with carbohydrates to prevent glucose spiking and to eat a non-starchy

breakfast helping to combat craving throughout the day.

What do you do when you are 10/10 stressed? Breathe!! I use the 4-7-8 technique to

recalibrate if its immediate stress. If its continuous, I swim, it’s the only time you literally

can’t be on your phone and have that precious time to yourself. Mediation and going on a

good long stomp always helps too!!

What’s your go-to breakfast? An omelette, with avocado on the side drizzled in cold

pressed olive oil, lemon and chilli flakes!

What’s your go-to snack? My super snack smoothie, including bananas, dates and rolled

oats and oat milk! Or oven cooked broccoli again with that olive oil, lemon, chilli flake


What’s your go-to dinner? Oven cooked fish and steamed veg, covered in lemon, obsessed

with lemon! Not the most exciting but works the best for me!

Favourite quote to live by? Oh hard one! I love two: “Only put off until tomorrow what

you are willing to die having left undone!” Pablo Picasso and; “In the end, I would rather say I loved too much than not enough” Christopher Poindexter

Any health gadgets you’ve got your eye on? Not so much a gadget but I’m going to invest

in an ice birth, the benefits of cold-water immersion are unreal for not only my mental health

but also for reducing inflammation.

Skincare routine and products? Augustinus Bader – The Rich Cream, can’t live without it!

What do you do for exercise? I was always a high intensity work out kind of girl but of

late I have switched to low impact and the results are different league. Pilates, swimming

walking and yoga, alas I do still love a run, my favourite thing to do in a new place is to wake

at the crack of dawn when everyone else is still asleep and run the city having it all to


What supplements do you take? Arrae Bloat t after every meal. JSHeath magnesium

before bed and Artah Enchanced Synbiotic

Acupuncture or reflexology? Acupuncture, I go to the miracle worker that is Renata

Nunes based at 180 Health Club, she’s an actual angel on earth!

Coffee order? Green juice for me every time!

Health goal for 2024? Much of the same but also to get on a retreat, I didn’t get on one

this year and they are my paradise.

Something you’re proud of this year? Becoming a qualified health coach and finally

finding my calling whilst having a baby 4 months ago and fitting it all in whilst also being

there for my husband, so basically, I’ve become proud of my ability to become a professional


When did you feel your best? Honestly right now, I have cut down on alcohol which has

changed my life immeasurably, I have 2 beautiful babies that I find the joy in everyday and I

have learnt so much about myself and what serves me and what doesn’t, I never took the time to recognise what suited me, felt good and made me blissfully happy before but I feel I have

slowed down in all aspects of life including the exercise and couldn’t feel calmer or have

more purpose!! A new career in health coaching and wellness was my calling and I couldn’t

feel more grateful that finally I have found my motivation!!!

What is your guilty pleasure food wise? It’s not even that bad but I’m close to being

addicted to the Raw Chocolate Company’s chocolate covered almonds!!

Favourite podcast in the health and wellness world? Mellissa Wood Tepperberg – Move

with heart, she’s a G and I love her guests on the show, I leave her podcasts feeling ready to

take on the world!!!

Do you have any health struggles? If so, what and how do you manage it? Psoriasis, I

started to get this when I was 20 and in my first internship at a big fashion house which was

incredibly overwhelming! I manage it holistically through diet (no diary and SO sadly cutting

down on the night shade family which includes tomatoes which are my favourite)

moisturising and implanting my de stressing techniques. Alcohol is horrible for it and since I

have stopped drinking for a bit, I’ve seen a huge improvement!

What / who inspires you? Cosmo and Calypso, my son and daughter, they are my

motivation to get on out there and make something of myself! When they are older and get

asked what their mummy does, I want them to say she’s an epic mummy and has a super cool

job in wellness, helping people feel their absolute best!! Being the most present, energetic

and loving person for them is what gets me up in the morning!!

Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like? Absolutely, cuddles with the

little ones in bed and then downstairs to make their breakfast! I then make myself a green

juice and go back upstairs to dry brush my body, followed by a shower with a cold 30 second

rinse at the end for an energy boost!! I then use my lymphatic drainage paddle with some

body oil to help water retention and waste build in in the system. I then walk the kiddies to

school come rain or shine, it’s a sure-fire way to get my movement in first thing every day!

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