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Wellness Wednesday - Mathilda Littlehales

About Mathilda-

"I was brought up in a holistic way by parents who were both individually on journeys of self

enquiry, yoga, meditation and health. A lot of what I was exposed to growing up - organic

food, yoga, meditation, therapy - has informed the way that I interact with the world today,

but it has been particularly since my later teenage years that I began deepening my own

journey into holistic living. Experiencing chronic pain and health challenges, as well as

experiencing anxiety and overwhelming emotions prompted my own personal exploration

and subsequently my professional training. I continue to expand upon over ten years worth

of personal exploration and professional training."

Have you ever met one of those people who are so in tune with themselves and so fairy-like, that they don't seem real? That's how I see Mathilda. She is the kindest, most intuative person I have ever come across, with a deep yearning and understanding for softening, allowing and owning the process that is life.

Her way of living is inspiring, and if slowing down conciously is something you strive for, then you might learn a thing or two from this little interview!

I hope you enjoy xx

How do you unwind in the evening?

I like to do a walk and get the last of the light. I like to eat early when I can. I love having a

bath with different salts (Epsom, Himalayan, Magnesium) and essential oils and beeswax


Tell us about your ideal Sunday plan

Some time spent in nature with a beautiful walk. Organic farmer’s market trip. And eating

delicious food, either made at home or at a restaurant where I know they use high quality

organic and regeneratively farmed ingredients. In the winter maybe a film in the late

afternoon by the fire. And a bath.

Something great you’ve learned recently?

I am learning to box. It is quite ‘un me’ but I am enjoying learning a new skill and way of

moving my body. And also meeting and learning about parts of myself and my energy that

are less familiar.

What’s the best piece of health advice that you’ve been given, that has worked for you?

The true meaning of holistic. That there is no one way. There are many threads that are

interconnected. And that health comes from tending to these different aspects of ourselves,

not just focussing in on one.

What do you do when you are 10/10 stressed?

I would say there is a series of little things that I make sure of, starting with tuning in and

tending to my inner landscape and then moving towards coming away from myself and

engaged with things outside of me. I feel both are needed.

Small amounts of embodied meditation practices, tracking sensations in my body. Slow

conscious breathing. Move my body with some form of exercise. Spend time with or call

someone close to me. Listen to a silly podcast or watch an episode of a tv show that makes

me laugh. And a bath.

What’s your go-to breakfast?

It depends on the season, now we are in the colder months my favourite breakfast is heating

up something like a chicken casserole or a bolognese. Or Piper’s farm turkey sausages with


What’s your go-to snack?

A Cru8 Foods Caramel Slice. Or a leftover Piper’s Farm turkey sausage.

What’s your go-to dinner?

At the moment with the colder weather I love warming and wholesome food like stews,

bolognese, casseroles.

Favourite quote to live by?

I wouldn’t say that I live by a quote, but I love poetry. John O’Donohue is a particular

favourite. These are a couple of lines from ‘A Blessing for Presence’ –

May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention...

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

Any health gadgets you’ve got your eye on?

Not at the moment, but I absolutely love my Higher Dose PEMF mat, especially at this time

of year. Oh and I am visioning up a home in the future with an Infrared Sauna.

Skincare routine and products?

I only use completely natural, non-toxic, organic products. My three favourite brands are

Esse, Living Libations and Herbal Face Food.

What do you do for exercise?

Walking and yoga are my two favourite ways of moving my body. But I do also like gentle

running, and my new boxing class!

What supplements do you take?

My supplements change depending on what I am working on in my health, and personalised

to testing that I have done – so I won’t share those. But I am consistent with taking Molecular

Hydrogen and Quinton Minerals most days. Vitamin D throughout the winter is something

that I may supplement with if I feel I am not getting enough through my diet. And I work a

lot with herbs too, at the moment I am having a lot of Nettle infusions, and I always love lots

of Rose too.

Acupuncture or reflexology?


Coffee order?

I don’t drink coffee, it’s always herbal tea. I love freshly picked herbs for tea, particularly

Thyme. I also love an Olive Leaf tea that we get in Mallorca.

Health goal for 2024?

I don’t usually set health goals, I like to be in deep listening to my body always, be listening

to what it needs and orient towards nourishment and pleasure.

When did you feel your best?

When I am in the sunshine and swimming in the sea.

What is your guilty pleasure food wise?

I wouldn’t say there is anything that I eat that I feel guilty about. I love nourishing and

healthy food. It brings me a lot of pleasure finding incredible quality ingredients and brands

with integrity to buy from. I have had a lot of health challenges and am very devoted to

nourishing my body well.

Favourite podcast in the health and wellness world?

Kimberley Ann Johnson Podcast

Do you have any health struggles? If so, what and how do you manage it?

Yes, I have navigated a lot of challenges with my health over the years and has been a big

journey. The way I approach it is very much in a holistic manner, working on an a physical,

emotional and spiritual level. For me, there are so many threads of health that weave togetherand so I try to tend to and explore all of these pieces as best I can.

What / who inspires you?

Nature. The cyclicality of nature, the intelligence of nature, the beauty of nature.

Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like?

I don’t like to impose a fixed structure to my mornings, but it is usually some variation of this

- I tongue scrape first thing when I get up, drink a glass of water with lemon and molecular

hydrogen, sit in front of my Infrared Light, have a shower, do a short embodied meditation,

go for a walk, have breakfast.

Biggest health FAD?

The amount of information/ advice given on Instagram by people who do not have the

appropriate training.

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