Health Coaching

We live in a world where we are bombarded with a huge amount of very contrasting information on how to be the 'healthiest', 'best' version of ourselves every day. Understandably, this causes much confusion and it can be very difficult to know what is right and what is wrong (or simply not the best approach for you).


Working with a coach enables you to feel safe in the knowledge that your individual needs, goals, current habits and character will all be taken into account before setting out on a journey to improved, long-lasting health and well-being. 

By signing up to a six-week, three-month or six-month OC Wellness plan, you gain access to Olivia's coaching methods, guidance and full support throughout the journey to reach your goals. Together you will work to find the best ways to define and reach your health & wellness targets in a way that works for you.

Whether it be achieving more mindfulness in your life, eating plant-based, improving your gut health, implementing a morning routine, losing / gaining weight, reducing stress, lowering inflammation or improving overall attitude - Olivia approaches the desired outcome in an approachable, kind and encouraging way.

All plans ​include:

One-on-One Private Coaching

50-minute Weekly Sessions

24/7 Access

Exclusive Recipes & OC Wellness Materials

Individualised Weekly Follow-Up Notes, Goals & Recommendations

Human Design Sessions

In a 90-minute Human Design Deep Dive, you will uncover and explore the most exciting aspects of your unique blueprint, and talk about how to incorporate the new found information into your daily life. Choose to book a reading for yourself, together with your child, as a couple, or as a gift to a friend/ family member.

Everyone has a different make up and naturally, we all react, behave and do things in ways that differ from one another.
Through the thoughts and beliefs pushed upon us as children and teenagers, we are often led to believe that the way the adults around us think and do, is the correct way. The ‘right’ way. Because of this, we begin to mirror their actions and the ways in which they do things- which may in fact that not be natural to our own, true selves.

Once we discover more about our chart and start to identify what actions & reactions are down to conditioning rather than our innate self, the process of releasing those taught traits can begin to take place. This is the start of the journey towards returning home.
Via your own unique Human Design chart (which you can generate here), the roadmap to your life is uncovered, and teaches you how to upgrade & live life in the fullest form.
Olivia found the information from her Human Design chart to be the main catalyst in making long-lasting positive changes to her lifestyle. The changes happened with so much ease once she realised that there was a specific way she was designed to work and make decisions most effectively. By eating, exercising, sleeping and controlling energy in a way specific to her blueprint, Olivia began to feel much better and see improvements ripple across all areas of her life. 

In addition to private coaching and readings, OC Wellness offers group sessions and talks which will be announced on social media and through our monthly newsletter (sign up). In-house health coaching, HD readings or 'lunch & learn' options for businesses, schools and/or organisations are also available. Please enquire here.