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FOR HIM Gift Guide

For the special men in your life...

I hope that this helps you find something great. I know how hard men can be to buy presents for!

For the ski bunny who's been using the same goggles for the past 20 years...these are the latest, high-tech and trendy goggles by tried & tested brand, POC.

Ski Goggles - £200

If like me you're fed up of your nice masks being depleted by someone else every time you put one on, get these so he has his own and stops pinching yours. They also come as full face masks which are very hydrating (apparently).

Bro Masks - 25£ for 6

This little gadget means that you get your own personal caddie every-time you play golf. Screw it onto the top of a club and all the info collected by the sensor comes up on an app you have to download prior. Definitley a good one for a golf player!

Arccos Caddie - £16.99

I know one specific man who has these and never takes them off...he's on his third pair and I got him his first!

Ugg Slippers - £60

These reusable water bottles are great if you regularly fill up at water stations and feel the inside of your bottle is getting a bit icky. It works with LED lights that scan the inside of the bottle and get rid of 99.9% of lingering bacteria. Battery lasts for ages and you can trust that you have fresh water pretty much anywhere.

These must be the most popular athlesiure shoes right now... I can confirm that the women's version are great too.

On Clouds - £130

You can't fail with either of these two leather accessories... timeless AND smart. I like the navy colour-way with gold initials but they also come in brown and black.

I discovered these bats making this guide and think they are great fun. So much more exciting than you're average red/blue ones! Ping Pong Bats - £100

It's hard to find nice weekend bags that aren't extortionate... this Rains one is a great size and comes in a bunch of colours. I also find the waterproof aspect to be attractive, especially if you live in the UK.

Rains Weekend Bag - £65 lots of colours

Lightweight, does the job and looks more expensive than it is. This jacket folds up small for travel and has plenty of room for a sweater underneath. I like Navy.

I love a guy in a cap and these corduroy ones add a bit of fashion to any outfit. Arket is great!

Arket Cap - £35

Because no one can ever find one when they need one... plus this one has USB portals for the millions of wires we seem to need these days.

They have no excuses once you get them one of these...

For the beach, park, car, boat (running out but you know what I mean), this cooler bag looks cool compared to the bright, striped ones you find in your petrol station or local supermarket come spring. Chic chic chic.

The fluffiest, softest robe out there. Soho House get a lot right, and this bathroom cosy is no exception. It washes really well without losing its softness and is über warm.

For the garden lovers who spend all their time crouched down over flowerbeds, this fold up stool and bag for tools seems pretty cool to me.

This company does well because their bags are really great. Lots of pockets for a laptop, liquids, chargers etc. they come in really chic colours and slide over the pull up handle of a carry-on.

If you want to go all out...

I've had my eye on these for myself and know that any of the men I have to buy gifts for, would love them too. They are highly overpriced but I see people wearing them all the time so feel they must be worth it? You decide ;)

Apple Headphones - £549 (you can have them engraved on the apple website!

I feel like even the men who used to always dress smartly are more open to comfy joggers since the pandemic. These ones can be used for exercise but are also just soft and well-cut to be worn normally. I'll let you be the judge.

Not just for men...!

Who doesn't need a 90-min one-on-one health coaching session to start a new year and set actionable, achievable goals? ;)

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