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Our Inner Voice

I’ve been thinking about our inner voice a lot recently... you know the constant, annoying, often incorrect one that lives inside our heads and fills us with doubt, fear and stress when we Don’t. Even. Ask. For. It?

“Why are you wearing that. it’s way too cool for you. he’s not going to find you hot if you say that. You forgot to email Nat. You’re an idiot for not replying to Nat. Now you won’t get the job. That lunch was way too carb heavy. There’s no time to work out tomorrow.” Bla bla bla and on it goes all the time - know the one I mean?

We don’t ask for it’s opinion but it gives it to us anyway, We don’t want it’s negativity but it’s there anyway, We don’t want the incessant chat but that is there anyway, too.

Once you turn the ‘voice’ into a person and imagine it being a real life human standing next to you, would you put up with their clingy, infuriating personality that never shuts up and is frankly full of fake news? (Most of the things it makes us think are so irrelevant because they are never going to happen, it just makes us worry at the time and doubt ourselves.)

Once I turned the voice into a ‘person’ I found it’s given me more power in numbing it out and toning it down. I’ve got a long way to go, but once I realised that this voice is not me, it’s just a voice and by listening to it I give it power & credibility - I decided to try and disassociate myself with it till it eventually, (hopefully) dies out and leaves me in peace.

Who else is fed up of the voice in their head interfering with their life and casting doubt? Join me in turning it into a character and slowing understanding how to quieten the racket. ✨🙏🏻✨

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