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Reframing ease and inviting it in

Easy is a complicated word is what we crave, but society has led us to believe that if things come easy we don't deserve them or we're lazy.

I think that if you find something easy or it comes naturally then its's because you are inherently good at it and as a consequence can probably do it better than most. Why isn't the message ' if something comes easy, follow and pursue it till the end'? If that were the case, we may have solved a bunch of the things that could be improved on on the planet, and therefore have more time for good.

We've picked up the notion that you have to suffer to be successful and that nothing worth fighting for can possibly come comes under the same umbrella as glamorising stress, which is another terribly unhealthy habit many have fallen into the trap of doing. The worshipping of busyness, being overly stressed and having a gruelling life is causing unhealthy people with anxiety and mental health problems who STILL feel guilty for slowing down or going easy on themselves because of conditioning around being lazy.

The point of having more ease is to achieve less push, and more receive. Less output, more gains. When we feel at ease, our stress reduces and things become more balanced as a result. When we live with more balance, things can slip into place where we may have been struggling before and resistance fades away. When there is less resistance, success is reached with less effort and life feels easier. ;)

To create more ease, we can do a few things:

  • Get clear on what we enjoy doing most and do more of that (or those) thing/s.

  • Delegate where we struggle most and feel our time is wasted

  • Live slower and be more present

  • Make time for experiences that feel easy to enjoy, and help us feel good

  • Quieten the negative voice in our head to live without so many unwanted thoughts

To incorporate these things, many of us have to consciously choose to go against the grain of our automatic habits and proactively live in opposition to our default. However, with time and consistent intention, these better habits will become our new normal and ease become second nature.

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