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Self-Love this Valentine's

With Valentine's day approaching on Monday I thought I'd write about why I think that this day should be promoted as a self-love day as well as a relationship love kinda day.

Firstly, I love, love. I am happy when I feel love, when I give love and when people I love are in love. To me, love is the greatest feeling of all time, the most important value to uphold and what drives me. That being said... I'm not the type of person who (in or out of a relationship) is into dressing up, going out to sit in a restaurant full of couples who stare awkwardly at each other, act more in love than they were yesterday or would be tomorrow and convince themselves that sex is better on the 14th February. (Yes, I love flowers but I love flowers every day of the year so it doesn't really count. Who doesn't love flowers anyway?)

For everyone (whether you are single, married, in a relationship, dating, divorced etc.) Valentine's is the perfect time to plan some self-love 'me-time'. Put the 14th, or the Sunday before / after in your diary and think about something that you'd like to do for yourself. You could use this day to spend the money you'd have used on a blow dry, new dress, dinner or taxis if you were going on a date on something for yourself, instead. You could also spend no money and take yourself for a walk, do some journalling and maybe call a friend. It is not about spending to feel good, but I'm a sucker for marketing and I would say that there are definitely products and experiences that can contribute to feeling good. Those are the products I'm referring to at the bottom of this page.

It might be a new cream you've been wanting to buy, a massage you've been saving up for, some really indulgent chocolates in a super cute box that cost way more than they should (in keeping with the theme of V day), a sleep spray that makes you fall in love with bedtime, some silky pyjamas.... whatever! Make a plan with yourself this Monday to take a bath, do an at-home facial, attend a workout class that makes you feel good, get an early night, cook your favourite dinner, catch-up on your book or watch your favourite movie.

Why? Because self-love is all about doing the things for yourself that make you feel good. Whether you achieve that by working out each day of the week and calming the mind through meditation or you go out for a 16-course dinner with your bestie every once in a while- do you!

Self-love helps calm negative chatter about ourselves, it increases confidence, it reduces stress, it helps us connect with ourselves and it can make us feel invincible. It is important to love yourself, your best bits and your less best bits. When you treat yourself and all those bits (the ones you like and the ones you don't like) you make clear to yourself that you support all of you and you think you are worthy.

So, in the spirit of self-love and Valentine's I have done a round-up of some favourite products that you could buy yourself, for a friend or convince your other half to get you. I have also made a short list of rituals that you could plan in and around this time for some extra spoiling 'me-time'.

- This works sleep sprays are truly one of the best products on the market for a good nights sleep in my opinion. They have one to help you fall asleep quickly, and another to ensure you stay sleeping deeply. I love them both. £23.00

- An ice roller you can keep in the freezer and then swipe across your face for cool de-puffing and general delicious feeling. £12.00

- If the noise from outside is preventing you from sleeping well, ear plugs are a must. I love these standard wax ones. £4.50

- Nothing says self-care more than a bath with some essential oils and salts. These ones aren't cheap but they are perfect in so many ways (and the glass tub is great to wash and re use). £68.00

- I just loved this book so much. Light is the new Black by Rebecca Campbell £10.25

- Pukka tea Love flavour... because why not?! £2.99

- The TRIP CBD infused drinks are my new favourite thing. When you don't drink alcohol there isn't really another drink that makes you feel chilled or 'vibey' but then I discovered these. (no, you won't get high) £14.00 for a pack of 6

- Sensate is a new device that has come out which helps you relax and meditate. I haven't tried it yet but only hear good things. £199 (can be paid in instalments) Check it out here -

- Being organised is one of the biggest forms of self-love in my opinion. These daily planners are the dream and come in all different colours and sizes. £32.00

- What's a self-care night without a candle? I love these by Pricc because of the smell and the 'punny' names... £40.00

- Adult colouring had its moment but I kept at it. One of the most underrated ways to instantly find calm and do something that reminds you of being young (which in itself is great for our mental and emotional health) Prices vary -

The first thing I do when I get home is change out of shoes and into these. They are the cosiest, comfiest slippers ever £80.00 -

Rituals and things to do -

  • Have a journalling session

  • Cook a new recipe

  • Do a yin yoga class

  • Go to a sound healing and breath work session

  • Get a massage or Manicure

  • Go for a long walk in your local park

  • Have a wardrobe clear out and tidy

  • Schedule a therapy session

  • Wash your hair

  • Visit a book store

  • Get a facial

  • Read your book

  • Try a creative activity you've been curious about (pottery, crochet, cake making)

  • Call anyone you've been meaning to speak to

  • Write lists

  • Dive into some research that interests you

I hope you have a great valentine's day, and do something for yourself as well as the people you love.


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