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Wellness Wednesday - Cosima Swayze

Cosima is the founder of Cosima Interiors and lives in Los Angeles with her husband Beau and son Sebastian. Crowned the `Tablescape Queen`, she has crystal clear vision for the most chic, elegant and timeless table top pieces that she will source or design to be made, and then style in your home. Whether it is a winter wonderland New Years dinner event or a bachelorette party in Mexico, each table top is perfectly thought through, unique and oozes taste.

She is big on meditation, prayer, and family time, and knows what it takes to calm her mind and feel her best. She has the same breakfast preferences as I do (a girl after my own heart!) and makes the most of life in every way possible.

Scroll down to know more about Cosima, and how she finds a balance between her busy schedule!

How do you unwind in the evening? My absolute favourite is having a big glass of pinot noir and watching the sun go down from my patio in Beverly Hills. If I have time later in the evening I love a long hot bath with candles and Epsom salts.

Tell us about your ideal Sunday plan. My Sundays (or any day of the week!) sadly no longer consist of lie-ins as I have a 7 month old baby who loves to wake up my husband and I around 6am, so we usually give him his bottle in bed with us whilst watching the sun rise over LA and we’ll listen to a sermon with coffee in bed. We’ll then walk to the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market where I’ll grab an Arnold Palmer from the King’s Road Café stall and walk around the market buying local vegetables and picking new flowers for the week. There’s an adorable petting farm with donkeys, miniature horses, little pigs and chickens that my son loves to go and see. We then head home and cook what we bought and have a family lunch with friends. The afternoon seems to fly by with great conversations we have with our friends and they may stay for dinner as well as a movie night. Sundays are usually rather spontaneous and unfold from one thing to another. I try and get to bed early Sunday ready for a full week ahead!

What’s the best piece of health advice that you’ve been given, that has worked for you? Meditation – whether it’s taking 5 minutes alone to breathe consciously or doing a 20 minute guided manifestation meditation, I think it's essential to have that alone time.

What do you do when you are 10/10 stressed? I refuel and re-energise by spending time alone – typically on a hike or a walk. I absolutely love being in nature and I’ll pray too. It’s amazing how prayer can transform your day.

What’s your go-to breakfast? A full fat cappuccino and a pain au chocolat or a banana

What’s your go-to snack? I wish it was fruit (which sometimes it is) but mostly I go for a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt. It’s especially delicious with a coffee after lunch.

What’s your go-to dinner? I love cooking and when I have time I experiment with new recipes but typically after a long day I keep it simple and cook a protein like salmon with a salad and smashed potatoes or vegetables.

Favourite quote to live by? Let go and let God.

What do you do for exercise? A lot of walking around my neighbourhood and pilates on a megaformer.

Acupuncture or reflexology? Reflexology. I love a good foot poke!

Coffee order? A Cappuccino with full fat milk and a side of honey

Health goal for 2024? Daily meditation and making time to work out

Something you’re proud of this year? Giving birth to my beautiful baby boy

When did you feel your best? On my wedding day. The abundance of love given and received was beautifully overwhelming.

What is your guilty pleasure food wise? Bread!

Favourite podcast? I love Jay Shetty’s podcast – his interviews are so in depth and honest. And I love listening to Esther Hicks. Manifestation is totally real!

Find Cosima's Instagram profile here and website here.

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